Easily forecast your business' profit and cash flow for clarity and control.

Modano is a flexible forecasting tool helping businesses understand their past & future financial performance. These financial projections give you the ability to importantly understand the difference between profitability & cash flows, to support better planning and give business owners clarity.


A Complete Picture

Modano is the only solution providing a full balance sheet, cash flow and income statement forecast.


Real-Time Data

Integrate your accounting package with your forecasts for real-time insights into your performance.

Why Modano?

Clarity & Control Over Your Numbers

Modano’s mission is to empower all businesses with a high-quality financial model to support their ongoing FP&A and strategic planning. We have dedicated over 20 years to empowering thousands of organizations with leading-edge financial modeling software, knowledge, support and services. And we’re just getting started.

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Flexible Drivers

Every business is unique, so Modano allows you to easily reflect the mechanics of your business using drivers, for a tailored forecast.


Industry-Specific Analysis

Whether your business is a startup, gym franchise, SaaS or retailer, we have a solution tailored for you.


Scenario Analysis

Add scenario analysis to forecasts for 'What if?' analysis and gain deeper insights to support your strategic planning.


World-Class Support

Modano’s team of finance professionals are always available to assist, so you can stay in control.

Success Stories

Case Studies


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Key Benefits

Industry-specific analysis.

Automated scaling & roll-forward.

Beautiful & customizable reporting.

Accurate balance sheet & working capital analysis.

World-class support & learning resources.

In Depth Analysis

Seamless Integration With Your Accounting Package.

Connect and map your accounting package data into your 3-way financial model in minutes. Then roll forward in seconds each month for instant performance reporting, budget-variance analysis and dynamic scenario planning.

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Highly professional support team with great response time.

Modano Support

Unrivaled Support

The support team are here to help with any questions you have, or customizations you need. Our support is provided by investment bankers, CPAs and CAs with decades of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Modano?

Modano is the world's only modular content management system (CMS) for financial modeling. Put simply, it allows financial models to be built extremely efficiently using pre-built pieces of financial models - called modules - a lot like using Lego. Modano also makes financial models dynamic, which allows many time consuming things to be automated, such as adding categories for new products or debt facilities, or rolling forward your model each month.


How does Modano work?

Modano is a Microsoft Excel add-in which transforms normal spreadsheets into modular dynamic financial models which can easily be automated and integrated with accounting packages, while retaining all the familiarity and flexibility of Excel.


What is the value of Modano?

Modano reduces the time required to build and maintain customized integrated 3-way financial models by 50% - 95%, while also improving quality and reducing risk by leveraging existing tried and tested content libraries instead of building from scratch. It is also the fastest way to learn financial modeling, especially when working with our support team.


How is Modano different to other solutions?

Most business intelligence software is either ERP focused, and therefore relatively expensive and rigid, or reporting apps, which don't provide a proper 3-way forecast or things like industry-specific drivers or scenario analysis. The only directly comparable solution is a financial model built from scratch, which is hard to do, risky, expensive and time consuming. Modano is also the only solution that includes world class real-time support.


How can I try Modano myself?

After completing our Getting Started form, our team will send you a 7-day free trial link. Financial modeling is complicated, and Modano can be overwhelming at first, so we usually like to build a demo financial model of your business and walk you through how everything works before giving you access, as we've found from experience that this approach works best.


What is the price of Modano?

Modano's mission is to make high-quality financial models available to all businesses. To do this, we offer a range of subscription pricing models which differ based on the size and complexity of your business, and whether you'd like to do it yourself or have us do it for you. We also offer pay-per-model pricing packages for advisors as a means of directly aligning costs with fees. Contact us today to discuss which pricing plan best suits your organization.