Cash flow models for high quality forecasting & planning.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow forecasting is key to successful business planning. Modano delivers cash flow statement projections built directly from your accounting package data.

Gain Clarity & Control

  • Peak and minimum cash over forecast periods.

  • Update your model with the latest accounting data in seconds each month.

  • Working capital analysis reflecting timing differences between when is revenue earned and cash is received.

Scenario Cash Flow Projections

Forecast cash flows under different potential outcomes with scenario analysis. Understand changes in your cash and working capital position for powerful strategic planning.


Customizable Cash Flow Reporting

Visualize your performance each month using beautiful reports that can be fully customized – either by yourself or with the support of our Services team.

What is Modano?

Modano is a financial modeling automation solution, empowering users with a dynamic, scalable, Excel-based 3-way financial model to support their strategic planning.

Seamless Cloud Integration

Connect and map your accounting package data into a 3-way financial model in minutes. Automatically roll forward in seconds each month for live performing reporting and cash flow modelling.

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