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Rolling Budgeting & Planning

Efficiently build a historical and forecast 3-way financial model of any business with automated roll-forward, historical data import and budget variance analysis.

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Strategic Planning

Gain strategic clarity and control using a periodically rolling scalable strategic planning model to project earnings, balance sheet and valuation impacts.

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Scenario Analysis

Include modular scalable customized scenario analysis in any model, including real-time side-by-side comparisons of key scenario outputs.

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DCF Valuation

Equity and enterprise discounted cash flow valuations allowing for pre and post-tax cashflows, cash flow timing and multiple terminal value metrics.

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Multi-Business Unit Model

Provides a foundation for building a scalable multi-business unit model which consolidates new business units into an integrated 3-way financial model.

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Provides a foundation for the efficient development, use, and maintenance of financial models which consolidate multiple entities.

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Sofware-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Rolling scalable SaaS business analysis allowing for monthly, contracted and prepaid customer plans with reporting of new, renewal and churn customers, LTV, CAC and more.

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Funds Management

Dynamic, modular, scalable analysis for reporting and forecasting the ongoing performance of ungeared, debt, equity and others funds management businesses.

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Property Feasibility

Scalable property feasibility analysis for use on simple feasibility projects, right through to complex multi-stage, common cost developments.

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Property Planning

Modular, scalable property planning analysis for consolidation, portfolio planning and funds management analysis within the property sector.

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Wealth Management

Allows individuals to model their current wealth, income, expenditure, assets, liabilities and investments and plan their personal wealth into retirement.

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Bespoke Model Build

Get a model build time and cost estimate from our experts. We help clients around the world build everything from startup to M&A to project finance models.

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