Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Modano's wealth management models allows users and advisors to forecast long term individual, couple and family wealth.

Modeled using comprehensive (Australian) personal tax and superannuation analysis, and supporting a wide range of investment, inheritance and return options, our wealth management modeling content allows users to create future wealth projects with ease.

Based on a current net wealth and income, and supported by scalable scenario analysis, new, diverse and alternative wealth planning options can be created and compared in minutes.

Advisors and Self-Service

Whether you're forecasting your own wealth, your family or that of a client, Modano's wealth management models replace ad hoc spreadsheets with a professional, systematic and robust piece of modeling infrastructure.

With a solid wealth management model in place, on-going client reporting processes can be supported, allowing advisors to improve the calibre and consistency of their deliverables.

Preview the example model below that is available to download with your Modano subscription or get in touch with the team to discuss a specific Wealth Management model build.

Single Individual