World-first interactive practical training and certification.

Training Overview

Modano is dedicated to improving the quality of financial modeling globally, and we believe that the accessibility of high-quality training resources is a key part of achieving this goal.

For this reason, every Modano subscription includes a full range of Excel, financial modeling, and modular financial modeling practical training exercises, each with commentary and examples and theoretical and practical assessment exercises. And we continue to expand this platform.

We also provide on-demand training courses which are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client and provided by our senior consulting team members who step off live financial modeling projects to deliver the courses.

Since 2002 Modano has delivered thousands of training courses to corporates, governments and advisors around the world. Speak with us today about how we can empower your team.

Modano Certification

Learn and then certify that you have the knowledge and skills to build and understand a custom financial model of any business.

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Online Training

Efficiently upskill your team using ground-breaking online practical learning exercises with associated theoretical and practical assessment exercises.

Practical Learning

Learn financial modeling and how to use Modano by undertaking end-to-end practical learning exercises.

Theoretical + Practical Assessment

Verify your understanding by undertaking theoretical and practical financial modeling assessment exercises.

Team Learning Reports

Create a team learning agenda and monitor team member progress and results using team learning reports.