Using Modano on multiple monitors with scaling

During 2018 Microsoft released updates to both Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 (and 2019) that provide support for multiple monitor high DPI (dots-per-inch) displays. Put simply, these updates allow you to use multiple monitors with different scaling settings on each monitor with all monitors remaining perfectly clear.

While this functionality is great, it has caused issues with many existing Windows applications, including Modano, which have always assumed that the same scaling settings apply to all monitors.

As a result, the following issues are like to occur when using Modano on multiple monitors with different scaling settings (i.e. when all monitors are not set to the same scaling % in Display Settings):

  1. Right click shortcut menus do not display or display but nothing happens when a menu item is clicked.
  2. The protected sheet dialog is displayed when trying to edit cells via the formula bar.
  3. The name box cannot be used to insert range names into module components.
  4. Sheets cannot be renamed by double-clicking on sheet tabs.
  5. The Traverse Formula tool mis-aligns precedent range references.
  6. The Precedent Links Pane drag and drop functionality is mis-aligned.

How to temporarily fix the issue in Microsoft Excel 2016 and 2019

We are now working on a fix for this issue, but in the meantime, if you are experiencing this problem there are two approaches you can take to workaround it:

Set the scaling of all your monitors to the same %

Go to your Windows Display Settings (i.e. activate the Start Menu and type Change display settings and in the Scale and layout section ensure that Change the size of text, apps and other items is set to the same % for all monitors. It doesn't have to be 100%, but it does have to be the same % for all your monitors.

Turn on Optimize for compatibility in Excel Options

  1. Start Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click File > Options.
  3. In the General tab, under User Interface options, select Optimize for compatibility, then click OK (see screenshot below). If you do not see this option then you should not be affected by this issue, but if you are, please contact us.
    Modano Traverse Formula Tool
  4. Close and restart Microsoft Excel.

Long term fix

We will update this page when we have a fix available.