Introducing dynamic modular scalable custom financial models.

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Software Overview

The Modano Excel add-in changes what’s possible using Microsoft Excel and thereby dramatically reduces the time, cost and risks associated with financial modeling.

Instantly access thousands of pre-built pieces of financial models - called modules - to build and customize high quality financial models in minutes. Then use the automation provided by the Modano add-in to automate time-consuming, high risk tasks such as model roll-forward, data import and the addition of categories.

Seamlessly implement a consistent, purpose-based, best practice corporate theme across your organization, then leverage a full range of model auditing tools to further streamline model development and review processes.

Developed over 15 years by a team of engineers including a senior engineer from the Microsoft Excel team itself, working closely with the world’s most experienced financial modelers, the impossible is now possible.

The Next Generation of Financial Modeling

The Modano Excel add-in redefines the way financial models are built and maintained, giving you the power to efficiently build and maintain highly-customized, integrated, scalable financial models of any size. Choose from thousands of existing modules, customize or create your own modules using Microsoft Excel, then share and reuse.

Still Microsoft Excel, but without limits.

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Customized Automation

Automate time-consuming, error-prone tasks such as categories insertion, time series rolling, historical data importation and error checks.

Add / Remove Categories Add or remove Excel rows containing categories without worrying about flow-on effects throughout your model.

Roll Forward Time Series Automatically extend or shorten all time series sheets within your financial model, or roll-forward to include new historical periods.

Import Historical Data Quickly and easily import and reconcile historical financial statement data from Excel, CSV or your favorite accounting packages.

Team Collaboration

Boost productivity by creating your own modules for reuse and sharing throughout your organization.

Create Your Own Modules Use Microsoft Excel to create pieces of financial models that can then be combined to quickly build new models from scratch.

Reuse and Share Share your modules throughout your organization, removing the time and risks involved in reinventing the wheel.

Multi-User Development Further increase productivity by having multiple developers simultaneously build different parts of a financial model then combine them.