Property Feasibility

Property Feasibility

Based on 20 years of experience modeling for Australia's largest property companies, our Property Feasibility libraries pick up where the incumbent feasibility platform has dropped the ball.

Our libraries have all of the standard functionality that you would expect of a feaso - automated scale inclusion, s-curves, waterfall funding, custom profiles, and so on. And this is just the starting point.

Our feaso modeling includes Gantt-style functionality so that costs and realization can be modeled based on inter-dependencies, facilitating integrated delay and timetable scenario modeling - a first for the sector.

Modular in infrastructure, our feasibility content supports multi-stage developments, common cost allocations, endless funding sources and bolt on analysis where the project specifics require it.

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Modern Financing

With comprehensive funding options, as well as being customizable, our modeling content will allow you to explore a range of financing options quickly but also then allow you to update for the specifics every realistic property deal has.

Our feasibility content also includes Modano's rolling functionality, meaning that the models have integrated historicals. As a result, a single workbook can support the speculative feaso, detailed feasibility build out, financial close, project delivery and into finalization.

We also recognize that our feasibility content is a starting point. Speak to us today to learn how large corporates leverage our library to create their own world of in-house plug-and-play property feasibility models.

Preview the example model below that is available to download with your Modano subscription or get in touch with the Services team to discuss a custom Property Feasibility model build.

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