Create a custom best practice definition for your organization.

Guidelines Overview

Having helped thousands of organizations implement modeling best practices over the past 20 years, we’ve learned that every organization is different, and their guidelines need to reflect their specific best practice beliefs and preferences.

The result is Guideline Builder©, a tool which makes it easy for any organization to define and create their own best practice modeling guidelines, and adopt them across their teams of Microsoft Excel users.

Start with Modano’s guidelines as a foundation, or build your own guidelines from scratch, then share your guidelines online or download them and share the PDF summary.

Guideline Builder©

Quickly and easily build and maintain comprehensive best practice modeling guidelines for your organization based on your team's beliefs and preferences.

Guidelines Areas

Group related guidelines into guidelines areas to improve the structure and usability of your guidelines. Use Modano's areas or create your own.

Create Guidelines

Create your own guidelines by customizing Modano's guidelines or adding your own completely new guidelines based on your organization's preferences.

Commentary & Examples

Add detailed commentary and practical examples to your guidelines to help team members implement each guideline when building models.


Best practice modeling guidelines provide your organization with a clearly defined framework to maximize the quality and efficiency of your team's spreadsheet use while reducing the risk of errors.

View Example Create Your Own

Team Implementation

Ensure the efficient communication and adoption of your guidelines across your organization either online or via downloadable PDF.

View Online

View and share your guidelines online via your dedicated, secure, searchable and indexed guidelines viewer.

PDF Download

Download a high-resolution custom-themed PDF summary of your guidelines to share with team members.

Invite Team Members

Create a team and invite colleagues to join your team to view and/or help develop and maintain your guidelines.