Real-Time Clarity and Control

Modano allows you to build financial models incorporating your latest data from Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This means that the accounting package data within your financial model is automatically updated when it is rolled forward over time, thereby ensuring that your financial model always contains your latest financial data.

This capability is a game changer for both businesses and advisors, who gain real time clarity and control without wasting time manually rolling forward and updating financial models.

How does it work?

At the heart of Modano’s solution is an Excel add-in which automatically rolls forward your financial model and updates your historical data from your accounting package.

To connect a financial model, simply add connections to your accounting package via the connections section of your online Modano account, then connect your financial model from within Microsoft Excel using the Modano Excel add-in.

When connecting your model, you can choose to use the chart of accounts as they appear in your accounting package, or reclassify based on your model driver-based forecasts.

User Guide


By default Modano subscriptions include 1 connection per user per month. Additional connections then cost USD$35 or AUD$50 per organization per month, depending on the currency of your Modano subscription. You are only charged for connections used during the month.

This pricing ensures affordable rolling financial modeling and reporting for single entity organizations, and scales appropriately when building multi-entity consolidations.

For advisors, client organizations can be connected free-of-charge for 7-days to facilitate test drives and financial models being prepared for business development activities at no cost. Costs are only incurred if advisors explicitly consent to continuing use of the connection after this free period.

Subject to our EULA, connections can be shared between Modano accounts and subscriptions, meaning connections to organizations should only ever be paid for once.

Your connection costs should be a reasonable reflection of the value you receive from Modano. If this is not the case please contact us and we'll work with you to find a fair pricing plan that works.

Get Started

We are so confident in our solution that we will help you get a first cut of a rolling financial model of your business, connected to your accounting package, with no commitment.

You can do this using the test drive tool within the Modano Excel add-in, which enables you to build a financial model connected to your cloud accounting package in a new minutes.

Alternatively, complete our Model Build Request form and one of our team will then contact you within one business day to get things started.

You can then use your financial model as is or speak with our Services team about customizing your model to meet more advanced requirements.

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